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Tav and his team were amazing to work with. Very kind, and got to know exactly what my husband and I were looking for. I would recommend him if you are buying a house! He is so easy to work with. And we are so happy that we chose him, because he was very understanding and did not pressure us into something we were unsure about. By working closely with Tav, we are able to find our perfect HOME. - Joti Atwal

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I've bought a lot of properties and have used many Realtor's in my time. Tav & his team were 10++ Tav knows Caledon better than anyone- a definite asset when it comes to finding the right place. We have used him both to buy and sell our properties and will continue to recommend him to friends, family & clients! Great work, Tav! - Troy Acker

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We highly recommend Tav . His staff and service go way beyond what we expected. Very knowledgeable! - Lightning McQueen

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Our family has used Tav 2 times as a seller and 3 times as a buyer's broker. We have confidently used him repeatedly, as he has always been very accommodating with our busy schedules and really knows the industry! We have received excellent service and complete professionalism through the past few years and will happily use him again! - Caledon renovation

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Commercial Investment in Real Estate with Tav Schembri

Learn why commercial real estate may be preferable to other types of property.

Investing in commercial real estate (CRE) is very different from stock market investing. Similar tactics and risks still apply, though. Because it has the potential to produce higher returns and offers additional tax advantages, CRE appeals to many investors. However, if you're interested in this type of investing, a local Caledon agent suggests that understanding when, what, and how to invest in commercial property is a critical factor in success or failure. Here is how commercial real estate operates and how you can include it in your portfolio of investments.

Why Should You Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

An investment in commercial real estate typically requires a sum of money that is beyond the means of a single retail investor. According to experienced real estate agents in Caledon like Tav, the most popular ways to invest in commercial real estate (CRE) are through fractional ownership or real estate investment trusts (REITs). Compared to other conventional investment options, CRE investments offer the following advantages:

But What Should You Know Before You Start Investing?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not CRE investing is right for you. Which of the following should you choose as your first investment: a single property, a REIT, or a crowdfunding option? Local real estate agents in Toronto suggest that before you start investing, bear the following in mind:

Understand Market Cycles

Nothing lasts a lifetime. The GDP, unemployment rate, and general health of the economy are all directly related to how profitable commercial real estate is. You can avoid buying when the market is strong and having to sell when the market is weak by understanding how real estate market cycles operate. Additionally, understanding specific market cycle indicators will help investors identify current opportunities and make better investment decisions.

Do Thorough Due Diligence

During the due diligence period, a potential investor can thoroughly investigate the investment opportunity. This can involve looking over the previous owner's financial records, paperwork, tax returns, and profit and loss statements, as well as conducting surveys, property inspections, feasibility studies, or any other required research. Before creating a comprehensive and detailed due diligence checklist for your CRE property type, keep the following in mind:

Having the best agent in the GTA on your side at this time could be beneficial in this case to help you do thorough due diligence. Are you now considering investing? Here's your best choice:

Tav Schembri: "The New Generation of Real Estate"

Tav Schembri, Broker of Record at RE/MAX Specialist Tavsells, is the #1 ranked agent in Caledon, Canada, and worldwide with REMAX. He accomplished this in less than six years, which isn't bad for a small-town local, is it? Tav is the best agent in Caledon and specializes in both rural properties and farmland as well as residential homes, serving a wide area that includes Peel, Wellington, and Dufferin, as well as the GTA and the surrounding area. Tav has also built a strong foundation in commercial real estate through ongoing development projects. His office is located at 14980 Hurontario St., in Caledon, and can be reached by telephone at 416-206-8164.